Landlords ARE quitting buy to let – but fewer than feared

Research by franchise lettings agency company Belvoir suggests that landlords are continuing to exit the property market, although not at the rate anticipated by previous studies. “Statistics show a slight increase of 48 to 52 per cent of landlords selling up to three properties and a similar number of landlords selling between four to five […]

Landlords give preference to white people with British passports, court told

A number of buy-to-let landlords are discriminating against prospective tenants based on their nationality and ethnicity due to the impact that the Right to Rent scheme is having on the private rental market, a court has heard. The government’s controversial initiative, which forces landlords to undertake immigration checks on prospective tenants, is currently being challenged […]

Which property types produce the best yields?

Online buy-to-let agency yieldit recently revealed the property types which produce the greatest yields, offering a key insight for landlords who are looking to invest – or expand their existing portfolio – in the UK’s residential property market. The data, taken from the agency’s currently available properties, found that three out of the top five […]

Tenants set to be granted new powers to hold rogue landlords to account

Tenants are on the verge of being handed fresh powers to take action against rogue landlords thanks to the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill, which will complete its passage through Parliament tomorrow. The Private Members’ Bill, which will give both private and social tenants in England the power to take their landlords to court […]

Landlords continuing to bale out of the property market – as Government intended

Landlords are continuing to exit the property market, Belvoir said. The company said that in the third quarter of this year, its offices showed an increase from 48% to 52% of landlords selling up to three properties, and a similar number selling between four to five properties, compared with the second quarter. There was a […]

More landlords use social media to screen tenants

Savvy landlords are turning to social media to screen tenants before letting them rent their property. New data from Foundation Home Loans has found that sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram could reveal valuable insight into how people would be as tenants. The research said that it is the first port of call […]

Would you send a Christmas card to your tenant?

The results of a snap survey by Simple Landlords Insurance has revealed that large numbers of landlords are more likely to send Christmas cards than safety advice. Some landlords are set to go further with planned gifts including chocolates or sweets, wine and even presents for tenants’ children. However, a generous 2% are really planning […]

Three or more bedrooms produce biggest yields for landlords, research suggests

Houses with three bedrooms or more result in higher yields of landlords in the private rented sector in the UK, research suggests. The latest figures from online buy to let agency Yieldit shows that these types of properties are producing net yields of up to 11%. The firm says that this indicates that properties which […]

Xmas Is Coming – The Landlord’s Getting Flak

We are coming up to Xmas and despite the Xmas songs and Xmas markets, some landlords may think ‘so what’. Of course, they are right to say so, it is a business they are running, but the landlord who thinks this will have little implications for their business, should perhaps think again. They may not […]

Landlords are standing by their right to ban pets from properties

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has rejected a “blanket approach” after experts advised against banning pets from properties. The suggestion was put forward by a think tank formed by flatshare finder SpareRoom to look into how tenants are affected by pet bans in private rentals. The think tank consists of pet owners and experts in […]