Airbnb Properties: A Threat to Rental Market and Hospitality Sector?

Introduction: In recent years, the rise of Airbnb and similar vacation rental platforms has transformed the way people travel and seek accommodation. While this innovative approach offers convenience and unique experiences for travellers, concerns have been raised regarding its impact on the rental market and the hospitality sector. The Bristol Hoteliers Association (BHA) is taking […]

Government Excludes Buy-to-Let Landlords from Mortgage Charter

Introduction: The government’s recent decision to exclude buy-to-let (BTL) landlords from the newly announced mortgage charter has sparked criticism from the Labour Party. They argue that this move could inadvertently result in a surge in rental prices. The mortgage charter, introduced by the Chancellor, aims to establish universal standards to alleviate the financial burden on […]

UK Mortgage Lenders Launch Fresh Round of Rate Hikes

Introduction: In a surprising turn of events, major mortgage lenders in the UK have initiated a new wave of interest rate increases, pushing the typical five-year fixed deal to nearly 6%. The recent rate hikes by Halifax, Nationwide Building Society, HSBC, and TSB have caught the attention of homeowners and potential borrowers alike. This comes […]

Rental Costs in England Continue to Soar for the Sixth Straight Month

Introduction: The cost of renting a property in England has experienced an unrelenting upward trend, reaching new heights in June, according to the latest Rental Index released by Goodlord. As we enter the busiest season for the lettings calendar, the demand for rental properties remains high, resulting in a significant reduction in void periods. With […]

Labour Move Away from Rent Controls

Introduction: In a recent turn of events, the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) has expressed relief as the Labour Party appears to be distancing itself from the idea of implementing rent controls. Ben Beadle, the association’s chief executive, voiced his support for the statements made by prominent Labour spokespeople, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive […]

Labour will Reject Rent Controls says Lisa Nandy

Introduction: In a recent statement, Lisa Nandy, the shadow levelling up secretary, emphasized that the Labour party would not introduce rent controls if it were to win the election. While acknowledging that such controls may reduce rents for some, Nandy expressed concerns about the potential consequences that could leave others homeless. This stance puts her […]

Sellers Cut Asking Prices by 5% say Zoopla

Introduction: The property market is experiencing a significant slowdown as rising mortgage rates take their toll. According to Zoopla’s latest house price index, almost half of sellers have been forced to reduce their asking prices in order to secure a sale. This trend is driven by the necessity for sellers to be realistic and adapt […]

The Renter’s Bill: A Game Changer for Pet Owners

Introduction: If you’re a renter yearning for a furry companion but have been denied the opportunity due to restrictive “no pet” policies, there’s good news on the horizon. The Renters (Reform) Bill, introduced in Parliament on May 17, 2023, aims to revolutionize the private rental sector and grant tenants the right to have pets. In […]

Demand for Rental Homes Drops Slightly, New Data Shows

Introduction: In a surprising turn of events, the demand for rental homes in England has experienced a slight decline, according to the latest data from sales and lettings agent, Barrows and Forrester. This revelation comes at a time when skyrocketing demand had become the norm, especially as rising mortgage rates priced many people out of […]

Landlords Target Properties with Higher EPC Ratings Anticipating Legislation Changes

Introduction A new rental market study conducted by Rightmove reveals an encouraging trend in the housing market. A growing number of properties that were previously for sale and are now entering the rental market boast an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C or higher. Landlords are proactively investing in higher-rated homes to stay ahead […]