Majority of Landlords Opt to Sell Properties Rather Than Improve EPC Ratings

In a recent survey conducted by Green Building Renewables, it has been discovered that six out of 10 landlords in the UK are inclined to sell their properties rather than undertake necessary improvements to achieve higher Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings by 2025. The study sheds light on landlords’ apprehensions regarding the impending EPC changes […]

Renters Reform Bill Threatens the Private Rental Sector, Warns Prominent Lawyer

Introduction The Renters Reform Bill, with its proposed Section 8 eviction powers, has sparked concerns among private landlords and legal experts. Gina Peters, Head of Landlord and Tenant at Dutton Gregory Solicitors, emphasizes the potential negative impact of the bill on the private rental sector. In this blog post, we delve into the key points […]

UK House Prices to Decline by 12% S&P Global Ratings Predicts

According to a recent prediction by ratings agency S&P Global Ratings, the United Kingdom’s property market is bracing for a substantial downturn, with house prices projected to plummet by 12% from their peak by the end of 2024. The anticipated decline is largely attributed to the impact of soaring interest rates and correspondingly higher mortgage […]

New Research Shows Property Tribunals Granting Higher Figures

Recent research conducted by the i newspaper has shed light on a concerning trend where tenants challenging rent increases at property tribunals end up facing even larger hikes than initially proposed by their landlords. The study, which analyzed 30 property tribunal hearings over the past three months, discovered that in over a quarter of the […]

Gove Calls for ‘Relaxation of Pace’ on EPC Reforms for Landlords

In a recent interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Housing Secretary Michael Gove has expressed his view that the government should reconsider the timeline for Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) reforms expected from private landlords. Gove hinted at potential changes to the existing timetable, acknowledging that the current demands on landlords may be excessive. The proposed EPC […]

Landlords Might Be Expanding Their Property Portfolios

The latest Landbay landlord survey reveals a surprising trend, contrary to expectations of a mass exodus from the rental market. It indicates that many landlords are determined to bolster their property portfolios through additional purchases. While this finding has raised eyebrows among experts, brokers remain divided over whether the survey accurately represents the ground reality. […]

Surge in Section 21 Notices Sparks Concerns of Dominant Corporate Landlords

In the wake of the Renters’ Reform Bill and its impending abolition of Section 21, Dutton Gregory Solicitors has raised an alarm over a significant surge in the filing of Section 21 notices. The legal firm highlights that an unprecedented number of private landlords are taking preemptive measures to protect their investments, potentially paving the […]

Asking Rents for Rental Properties Soar to New Highs Outside London

In a sign of the ongoing impact of the pandemic on the rental market, average asking rents for new tenants outside of London have surged to a new record, reaching £1,231 per calendar month (pcm), according to the latest figures. The data reveals that the average asking rent for a typical home in regions outside […]

Looming Threat of Section 21 Abolition: The Impact on the Rental Market

Introduction: In recent months, the rental market has been shaken by the looming threat of the abolition of Section 21, as warned by legal firm Dutton Gregory’s Landlord and Tenant department. The firm reports an unprecedented surge in Section 21 notices issued to tenants since the announcement of the planned reform. This increase is attributed […]

Rightmove Reveals 16% of Properties for Sale Previously on Rental Market

In its most recent rental market snapshot, Rightmove has unveiled startling figures showing that 16 per cent of properties currently listed for sale were once available for rent. This percentage marks a notable increase from 13 per cent recorded before the pandemic hit. The data presented in the report also sheds light on the mounting […]