Govt. Eases Heat Pump Rules for Homeowners and Small Businesses

In a bid to accelerate the transition to more sustainable heating solutions, the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has unveiled ground-breaking proposals that could significantly reduce the cost and complexity of heat pump installations for homeowners and small enterprises. The focal point of these proposals is a streamlined approach to qualifying for heat […]

UK Housing Market Faces Big Slump in Sales Zoopla Reports

The number of residential properties changing hands is on track to hit a dismal low not witnessed in over ten years, as revealed by the latest data released by Zoopla, a prominent property website. Zoopla’s analysis, tracking homes that have been sold subject to contract during the current year, has unveiled a startling decline of […]

Northern Cities Show Resilience in House Price Growth, Except One

In a recent study conducted by property consultancy firm Barrows and Forrester, an intriguing pattern of house price appreciation has emerged across the north of England, although one significant exception stands out. The research sheds light on the state of the British property market and its regional variations, with Manchester, Leicester, and Newcastle outshining other […]

Parking Tops List of Tenant Priorities as Preferences Change

In the dynamic realm of property investment, staying attuned to tenant preferences is proving to be a critical facet of success. A recent survey conducted by Redmayne Smith has shed light on a paramount concern for today’s renters: parking. While established investment principles like prime location and property quality continue to hold sway, contemporary renters […]

Surge in Landlords Exiting Homeless Accommodation Sector

Local authorities in London have sounded the alarm as an escalating number of landlords withdraw from the sector providing temporary accommodation for homeless households. According to a comprehensive survey conducted by London Councils, an umbrella organization representing the city’s boroughs, a startling surge in landlords serving Notice to Quit – a legal demand for property […]

An Overview of Proposed Changes in the Renters Reform Bill

First introduced in 2019, the Renters Reform Bill is poised to revolutionize the rental landscape in England with far-reaching changes that will impact both landlords and tenants. London-based lettings agency JOHNS&CO sheds light on the potential impacts and opportunities embedded within the bill. Graeme Goessen, the Director of Management Services at JOHNS&CO, remarked, “After years […]

Government Unveils Ambitious Plan to Accelerate Housebuilding

In a bold move aimed at turbocharging housebuilding endeavours and safeguarding the environment, the government has announced a comprehensive strategy that promises to unshackle residential construction while addressing ecological concerns. Underpinning the strategy is a pledge to overcome the impediments of faulty EU legislation that have impeded the progress of over 100,000 homes. The government […]

Housing Market Sees Sharp Decline in 2023

Recent data analysis has uncovered a notable downturn in the housing market, projecting 2023 to experience the most subdued number of home sales since 2012. Zoopla’s latest House Price Index has unveiled a sombre outlook for the year, estimating a mere one million completed sales. This decline translates to the average household relocating just once […]

Renters Reform Bill Sparks Concerns for Student Accommodation

In the lead-up to the commencement of the upcoming academic year, student accommodation takes centre stage, but not without its share of concerns. The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) is sounding the alarm bells, cautioning that the Renters Reform Bill could deliver a heavy blow to this particular sector. The NRLA emphasizes that the proposed […]

UK Government Urged to Support Landlords Amid Housing Crisis

In the midst of a growing housing crisis, voices are calling for a shift in perspective regarding landlords in the UK. Critics argue that demonizing landlords is exacerbating the challenges in the rental housing market, leading to fewer homes available for tenants and hindering potential homeowners’ ability to save for deposits. Rising costs for landlords […]