Rental Scams Surge: Innocent Tenants Targeted by Fake Agents

Rental scams in the UK have witnessed a concerning spike, with fraudsters masquerading as legitimate letting agents targeting individuals seeking accommodation in the private rented sector. In a distressing revelation, the number of reported rental scams reached a staggering 5,751 cases nationwide last year, equivalent to approximately 15 incidents per day. This alarming figure represents […]

Generation Rent Activists Host Renters’ Rights Awareness Week

Activists associated with the Generation Rent group have announced their plans to conduct what they are dubbing “Renters’ Rights Awareness Week” in the latter half of October. The group, known for its advocacy on behalf of renters, claims to offer valuable information to tenants, regardless of their renting experience or current issues with their landlords. […]

Homeownership Dreams Postpone Marriage and Family for Young Couples

A recent study conducted by Yorkshire Building Society has shed light on the sacrifices that young couples are willing to make to step onto the property ladder. The research, which surveyed 500 adults with aspirations of property ownership within the next three years, underscores the profound impact of skyrocketing housing costs on major life milestones. […]

Rising Interest Rates Threaten Buy-to-Let Landlords Across the UK

Property lending specialists Octane Capital have unveiled a concerning scenario for buy-to-let (BTL) landlords, revealing that an overwhelming 78% of BTL portfolios in England and Wales are funded through mortgage borrowing. As the spectre of rising interest rates looms, this reliance on loans places these landlords on precarious ground, particularly in certain regions. Regional Disparities […]

Tories Urged to Revive Mortgage Interest Relief to Boost Rental Supply

In a fervent appeal, a prominent agency chain has called upon the Conservative Party to set aside their internal disputes during the party conference and take decisive action to address the critical shortage of rental properties in the private sector. Winkworth, a prominent player in the real estate industry, is urging the Tories to reinstate […]

What Matters Most to Homebuyers and Renters: Insights from Rightmove

Information supplied by Rightmove If you’ve been contemplating a move, you’ve likely already compiled a mental checklist of what your dream home should entail to perfectly suit your lifestyle. Whether you’re eager to roll up your sleeves for a fixer-upper project, envisioning a lush garden, or can’t fathom hosting a dinner party without a beautifully […]

Majority of UK Property Investors Vulnerable to Higher Interest Rates

Research conducted by Octane Capital has revealed that a substantial majority of buy-to-let landlords across the United Kingdom are heavily reliant on mortgages to finance their property investments. This dependence on borrowing leaves them susceptible to the potential impact of higher interest rates in the future. Octane Capital’s comprehensive analysis delved into the composition of […]

Which? Survey Reveals Growing Struggles with Rent and Mortgages

An alarming seven million households in the United Kingdom are grappling to meet their monthly rent or mortgage obligations, according to a stark warning from consumer watchdog Which? Furthermore, the report indicates that millions more could plunge into financial distress before the close of 2024. A comprehensive survey conducted by Which? involving 4,000 respondents unveiled […]

UK House Prices See Annual Decline for the First Time in a Decade

The housing market in the United Kingdom has witnessed its first annual price drop since June 2012, as per fresh market research released on Thursday. Zoopla’s House Price Index for September revealed a 0.5% decrease in house prices over the past year. Regional disparities were notable, with Scotland bucking the trend with a 1.6% increase […]

Lib Dems’ Bold Housing Reform Agenda: “Fair Deal” for Renters and Landlords

In a bid to address what they describe as an “unfair and under-regulated” private rental sector (PRS) in England, the Liberal Democrats have unveiled a comprehensive housing reform agenda. The ambitious policy paper, titled “Tackling the Housing Crisis,” was released following the party’s annual conference in Bournemouth and outlines a series of measures aimed at […]