A Guide to Navigating Tax Returns for Landlords

Tax return season can be a labyrinth for landlords, but fear not – with a bit of guidance, you can traverse it smoothly and ensure compliance with the taxman. Gemma Doswell, a seasoned expert from Tax Scouts, shares invaluable advice tailored for landlords. Let’s dive into what taxes landlords need to pay, crucial deadlines, and […]

Property Investment Seminars Lead to Landlords Selling at Auctions

The promise of financial freedom through property investment has enticed many into pricey seminars and courses offered by self-proclaimed property experts on social media. However, a Property118 investigation reveals a stark reality: the surge in landlords resorting to auctions to sell their properties, many paying the price for get-rich-quick schemes. Investors, lured by historically low […]

How the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill will Affect You

The unveiling of the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill, following the King’s Speech, has sparked anticipation and scrutiny within the real estate landscape. A comprehensive guide to the bill’s contents has now been released, shedding light on its potential impact on leaseholders, homeowners, and landlords. Amid limited prior information, the bill’s provisions have emerged as […]

Landlords and Agents Warned as Cyber Threats Escalate in Property Sector

In a rapidly digitizing world, the UK property sector finds itself under siege from an escalating wave of cyber attacks, prompting urgent calls for enhanced vigilance among estate agents nationwide. Recent surges in cyber assaults targeting conveyance and law firms have ground thousands of property transactions to a halt, underscoring the imperative need for bolstered […]

Bank of England Governor Crushes Hopes for Immediate Rate Drop

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey dashed any expectations of a swift decline in interest rates, citing a grim outlook for the UK economy’s growth potential. Bailey, addressing a northern England news service, expressed his concerns, remarking that the nation’s capacity for growth is “lower than it has been in much of my working life.” […]

Scots Told They have 10 Years to Go Green or Face Fines & No Mortgages

In a startling move Patrick Harvie, the Scottish Greens MSP, unveiled a strategy to eliminate fossil fuel heating systems by 2033. However, this initiative has stirred controversy, raising concerns among Scots homeowners and opposition figures about its feasibility and financial impact. Harvie’s proposal mandates homeowners to install zero-carbon heating systems by 2033 or face significant […]

Lloyds Banking Group Expands Rental Venture

Lloyds Banking Group has taken another significant stride in its foray into the private rental sector with the recent acquisition of 63 homes from national housebuilder Keepmoat. This move, initially announced in 2020, solidifies Lloyds’ position in the housing market and marks a pivotal step in their strategy to bolster the rental housing landscape. The […]

Leasehold Reform Bill Aims to Revolutionize Homeownership

In a monumental stride toward housing reform, the government has revealed sweeping changes set to grant millions of homeowners in England and Wales unprecedented rights and protections over their properties. Spearheaded by Housing Secretary Michael Gove, the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill, unveiled in Parliament this week, promises to overhaul the leasehold system, marking the […]

UK Rental Market Predicted to Continue Surge Says Savills

In a recent report released by Savills, projections indicate that average UK rents are set to surge by up to 9.5 percent year on year, marking a significant uptick compared to previous years, although slightly lower than the prior year’s figures. These estimates suggest a relentless climb, with rents soaring by 26 percent since March […]

Zoopla Data Reveals Increasing Discounts as Home Sellers Struggle

Data released by Zoopla has shed light on the challenging landscape for both agents and sellers in the real estate market. The findings indicate a substantial 5.5% average discount on property listings as sellers endeavour to secure a sale, showcasing the impact of changing dynamics on transactions. According to Zoopla’s latest House Price Index, homebuyers […]