Half of Private Renters are Uncertain About Where to Turn for Help

In the ever-evolving landscape of renting, tenants often find themselves navigating complex issues with little guidance. A recent survey conducted by the TDS Charitable Foundation sheds light on a concerning reality: half of the surveyed private renters are uncertain about where to turn for help when faced with landlord or letting agent disputes. The survey, […]

The Number of Buy-to-Let Properties Being Bought Starts to Shrink

In the ever-evolving landscape of property investment, the Southern regions of England have witnessed a significant shift in buy-to-let purchases over recent years. According to a recent analysis by Paragon Bank, the proportion of buy-to-let properties acquired in Southern England plummeted to a record low in 2023, marking a continuation of a trend initiated by […]

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Lloyds Banking Group Expands Rental Portfolio to Over 2,000 Properties

In a strategic move to bolster its rental property arm, Lloyds Banking Group PLC’s residential landlord division has recently acquired over 150 new properties from leading housebuilder Barratt Developments PLC. This acquisition marks another significant step in Lloyds’ expansion plans for its Citra Living arm, which aims to cater to the growing demand for rental […]

Average Advertised Rents Reach Unprecedented Highs: Rightmove

In the ever-evolving landscape of Britain’s rental market, tenants find themselves at the centre of a balancing act between soaring advertised rents and signs of relief in affordability. According to recent data from Rightmove, average advertised rents have reached unprecedented highs, painting a picture of a market under strain. However, beneath the surface, there are […]

Navigating Wales’ Changing Holiday Home Landscape: A Year On

Introduction: Just over a year ago, the Welsh Government took decisive action to address the mounting concerns surrounding second homes and holiday lets in rural and seaside communities. With tightening criteria and increased premiums, the government aimed to alleviate the pressure on housing markets and promote sustainable development. Now, as the first annual figures come […]

Claim That Over Half of the Properties Listed for Rent Are Not Actually Available

The rental market, a pivotal aspect of the housing sector, has long been a subject of contention and scrutiny. Recently, a figure in the rental sector, Sam Reynolds, the chief executive of Zero Deposit, has sparked debate with his claim that over half of the properties listed for rent are not actually available for tenants […]

Purchase of Buy-to-Let Properties in Southern England Hits a Record Low

In 2023, the proportion of buy-to-let properties purchased in Southern England hit a record low, marking a significant shift in investment patterns. This trend, which has been on a downward trajectory since the introduction of the Stamp Duty surcharge for additional properties in 2016, reflects a broader transformation in the real estate market landscape. According […]

Licensing Schemes Could Be Cheaper After Renters Reform Bill

In the dynamic landscape of rental housing in the UK, the issue of licensing regimes operated by local councils has emerged as a topic of significant debate. Recent discussions in the House of Commons revolving around the Renters Reform Bill shed light on the potential for changes in these regimes, particularly in relation to the […]

Breaking Down the Renters Reform Bill: What Landlords Need to Know

In a landmark decision, the Renters Reform Bill has cleared its final hurdle in the House of Commons, marking a significant shift in the landscape of the UK’s private rented sector. After extensive debates and amendments, MPs have voted in favour of the bill, which promises to bring about fundamental changes aimed at creating a […]