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Tenants who trash their homes then end up on the streets ‘deserve to be there’ says angry landlord.

A landlord who has fallen foul of destructive tenants who end up ‘homeless’ has lashed out saying such people have nearly ruined him.

A former firefighter and Royal Navy veteran who fought in the Falklands and Bosnia conflicts, as well as the Iraq war, said he has gone from being a passionate supporter of homelessness charities to rejecting them outright.

The man, whom Plymouth Live has agreed not to name, said he was angry at the recent report of ‘Dave and Sue’ spotted living in a tent in the recently reopened Brunel Way, saying there was often more than meets the eye to such people.

The landlord said a few months ago he handed the keys of a “immaculately presented” property in the Wyndham Square area of Plymouth city to a similar couple who were getting by on benefits. Within a few months he was scrabbling to get any kind of payment from them and was forced to go to court to get a possession order.


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