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Landlords often receive bad press in terms of their relationship with tenants, although a recent survey has revealed that 30 per cent of tenants have received an act of kindness from their landlord.

Research from tenant insurance provider Endsleigh revealed that 34 per cent of landlords have given their tenant a welcome or farewell gift, with a bottle of wine the most likely present, offered by 59 per cent of gift givers. 49 per cent offered cards and 25 per cent plants or flowers. However, qualitative data revealed that landlords have offered favours ranging from Christmas hampers to children’s toys or even rent free accommodation during a period of unemployment for the tenant. 54 per cent of landlords were found to have helped with DIY.

72 per cent of tenants claimed that such acts of kindness changed their perception of their landlord.

In terms of landlord-tenant relationships, 36 per cent of tenants desired a friendly relationship with their landlords, whilst 21 per cent of landlords agreed. However, 50 per cent of landlords felt that a professional relationship was preferable with 49 per cent of tenants feeling the same way.

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