Property repair software company Fixflo has issued last-minute guidance for agents and landlords regarding the Section 21 which come into effect tomorrow 1st October.

The guide has a checklist of the changes required, and the responsibilities of agents and landlords under the new legislation.

As a result of the Deregulation Act and the controversies in recent years surrounding so-called revenge evictions, there is a new timeframe for service a S21 notice; landlords or their agents will not be able to validly serve a section 21 notice within the first four months of a tenancy and a section 21 notice will be invalid if proceedings are not issued within six months of service.

Agents or landlords who fail to provide tenants with information about their rights and responsibilities under the tenancy agreement, or to obtain Energy Performance or Gas Safety certificates, cannot lawfully issue a S21 notice.

When an agent or landlord has issued a periodic tenancy, they will no longer be required to serve a notice ending on its last day; meanwhile, when an agent or landlord has appropriately served a S21 notice, the outgoing tenants will have a statutory right to claim back rent paid in advance.

All these and more details on the changes are set out in Fixflo’s guide, which can be seen here.

Click here to read the original article “Last-minute guide to S21 changes that start tomorrow”




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