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Letting agency told to ‘educate student tenants to keep bins tidy’

Letting agency told to ‘educate student tenants to keep bins tidy’

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A former councillor says letting agents should be responsible for ensuring student tenants know how to organise their bins in a tidy manner – and has publicly told one agency to get tough with the landlord and tenants of one particular house.

The Bristol Post reports that a 10 bedroom house in the city, occupied by students, appears to have only two wheelie bins for household waste.

The house, in the St Andrew’s district, first came to public attention in October when the city council’s waste contractor refused to collect the bins because they were overflowing with rubbish and did not have recyclables separated from waste.

The Post quotes a spokesman for the property’s letting agency, Ocean, saying at the time: “We’re looking to educate young adults on how to recycle, look after their own refuse and be better parts of the community, alongside [contractor] Bristol Waste.”

A spokesperson for Bristol Waste added: “We’ve explained the need to recycle properly and that general waste must be contained within the black bin. We are providing the letting agent with additional information about recycling for the residents of this property.”

Now the issue has surfaced again, involving the same property and the same agency.

Former city councillor Christian Martin – who lives nearby and criticised the agency in October – posted a photograph of overflowing bins outside the property just before Christmas.

He then wrote on Twitter: “Lovely Christmas gift your tenants left for the Christmas holidays @OceanBristol so much for you managing & monitoring correctly the waste disposal by your tenants – this being the same property on Cromwell Rd bs6 that was brought to your attention in October!!!”

Martin told the Post: “There can be no excuses from tenants on how, when and where the rubbish needs to be disposed of and Ocean need to get tougher with the tenants and landlord.”


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