A landlord got a shock when he visited his property in Lea to find his tenants had been keeping a large pig in the house.

Dr Gary Armstrong rented out his father’s home in Green Lane, Lea, after he moved away to Barton.

Gary said: “Friends, family and the professionals involved have all been stunned by what was found in the house.”

Shortly after Gary’s tenant moved into the property a builder was completing some work on the patio and reported to Gary the presence of a large dog which had dug a hole in the garden.

Gary said: “To my surprise on an inspection I found a 50 stone fully grown black pig living inside the house.

“The whole thing started to come together as the state of the house and garden were not consistent with a dog.

“On a previous inspection we had been kept out of one room where I suspect the pig was hiding.

“The house is in a shocking state.

“On a personal note, it’s so upsetting to see a much loved family home ruined.”

Joanne Swan from Lovelle Lettings said: “The tenant moved in on November 7, 2014.

“The tenant had put no pets on his application and the landlord had also requested no pets.

“I visited the property for a routine inspection in early March and a dog was found in the property.

“Following the visit the tenant was written to stating that there should be no pets in the property and he was requested to have the property cleaned and to make good the damage to the lawn.

“I carried out a number of drive by inspections and there didn’t appear to be any improvements.

“I then arranged for a further inspection with the landlord’s father in early May. No improvement was found at the property and the dog was still there.

“It was decided that a section 21 would be served to gain possession of the property due to the tenant breaching the terms of his tenancy.

“No evidence of a pig was found at any of the inspections and access was given to the property by the tenant when requested.

“It was a further visit to the property in July by myself and the landlord where we discovered the pig in the lounge of the property.

“The level of service has been maintained from ourselves and inspections have been carried out, no pig was in situ upon any inspections.

“The tenants have damaged the property internally and externally.

“I have gone above and beyond my duty for this landlord and will continue to do so.”

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Picture: Worksop Guardian




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