It’s a commonly known fact that London provides the UK’s highest rental income for landlords, and it seems its influence is spreading. Commuter belt cities such as Elmbridge in Surrey offer landlords the highest rental income outside of the capital.

Research by Direct Line for Business has revealed that whilst London landlords top the bill for rental income, earning £1,633 a month per property, investors in Elmbridge, Surrey and South Bucks, Buckinghamshire, are not far behind. The two London commuter belt areas supply a rental income of £1,579 and £1,530 respectively.

Other commuter belt areas make up the top five, with Three Rivers, Hertfordshire, and Sevenoaks, Kent both providing landlords with a monthly rental income of £1,345. Bath and the Cotswolds, despite being further from the hub of London, offer high rental yields at £900 per month.

London topped the list once again when proportion of private rental income was counted, with London landlords collecting £14bn a year. A total which exceeds that of the North East, East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire and East Anglia combined. 44 per cent of the UK’s annual rental payments of £32bn are taken in London.

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