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A new rule means asking to rent a home is a bit like going through border patrol. Only, this time, you’re showing your passport to your landlord.

f providing references and paying letting agent fees wasn’t enough, from February renters will face a new hurdle – showing their passport as well.

And on this occasion, you can’t blame your landlord. The law now requires anyone letting out a property to check the tenants are legally allowed to live in the UK.

If you’re moving somewhere new, you can expect to show your passport or other documents proving your right to live here. The landlord will want to make copies of them.

Some critics are concerned landlords may simply turn away foreign tenants because they can’t be bothered dealing with the more complicated paperwork.

Dan Wilson-Craw, from the campaign group Generation Rent , said: “If landlords are forced to act as immigration officers, many may simply decide not to rent to anyone who might turn out to lack the right papers.

“This could affect foreign nationals with a cast-iron legal right to be in the country, but also British-born citizens who don’t have a passport or who happen to have a non-British sounding name.”

What if I don’t have a passport?

If you don’t have a passport, or a similar document showing your right to live here, you’ll have to show at least TWO of the following documents:

  • A birth certificate
  • A letter from your boss
  • A criminal record check
  • A driving license
  • Evidence of service in the armed forces
  • A letter from your college or uni
  • A letter from HM Prison Service
  • A letter from National Offender Management Service
  • A letter from the police (if your passport was stolen)
  • A letter from a UK passport holder in certain professions
  • A letter from a government department or local authority
  • A letter form a private rented sector access scheme
  • Benefits paperwork

Whether your landlord still wants to take you on when you’ve shown them your letters from one of HM Prisons is another question.

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