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NetRent Ltd started trading in 2001 and was incorporated in July 2003. We are now one of the largest privately owned property websites in the UK, working with landlords, letting agents, local authorities and tenants throughout the country.

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What we do

Our aim has always been to offer a range of products, services and information to help landlords run their business profitably and safely. All the products and services we offer benefit from nationally negotiated discounts or other benefits not available to individual landlords.

We derive our income from the fees and commissions generated when people purchase products and services through us.

There is no obligation on any user of the NetRent website to have to purchase anything at any time in order to use this website.

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NetRent provides Private Rented Sector News through our News page on this website and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

We also have a subscription Newsletter which is delivered free each weekday morning containing the latest news and views surrounding the Private Rented Sector in the UK.

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